Aligning with Abundance Pledge Drive

The Board is pleased to announce the kick-off of a brand new pledge drive, Aligning with Abundance.  As we step into this brand new year, we begin by making the conscious intention to shift our focus onto the creation of more abundance in all aspects of our lives. The act of pledging helps each of us to remember our love and commitment to Unity of Montclair; our desire made manifest to be a part of its ongoing success and growth.  As we continue on the path of conscious evolution, we need to be evaluating and changing course to grow and thrive. This year, our focus is on hiring our new minister and enhancing our digital/social media presence. Your pledges help us to better make informed decisions about how to invest in our future growth by giving us the important information we need.  It is your support that allows this church to thrive and flourish, and to continue to remain a tithing church so that our good can go into the world to spread light near and far.




Please fill in this form to make your 2021 pledge, and submit. If you prefer, download the PDF and return it to 84 Orange Rd, Montclair, NJ 07042, or email it to Thank you.

Pledges will be accepted until February 28, 2021.