A positive path for spiritual living

David Friedman Workshop: The Thought Exchange

We have a very exciting guest arriving in July! Broadway  Composer David Friedman is coming here, to do both the sermon and a workshop afterward on Sunday, July 1st!    
Songs written by Friedman were featured in the Disney film Aladdin,  and he wrote the scores for many Disney movies and Broadway musicals.
In hisworkshop, you will learn a practical method of transforming your life that goes beyond The Secret, beyond Affirmations, and beyond Positive Thinking, to reveal the missing piece of the puzzle. The biggest obstacle to our staying with the new thoughts we take on is that due to our early history, "positive" thoughts often generate "negative" sensations. David's workshop shows you a clear-cut method for using the world as a mirror to identify what you're thinking so you can work within yourself to change it and thus change the outside world.