A positive path for spiritual living

Our Minister

Rev. Elizabeth Mora, MDiv, is a dynamic, inspiring minister who ipassionate about helping people grow on their spiritual path. She combines her engaging speaking style and personality with a spiritual depth from years of daily practice, and extensive Unity and interfaith learning.

The best way to get to know her? Come to service, listen to her sermon, and then come and greet her afterwards. She loves meeting newcomers!

In the meantime, you can also watch her Welcome video.

Some career and ministry notes about Rev. Elizabeth…
She joined Unity over 30 years ago
She received her Masters of Divinity and was ordained as a Unity Minister in 2011
She came to Unity of Montclair in June 2012
Her influences include Unity’s original teachings (Charles and Myrtle Fillmore), Jesus, Buddhism (including Thich Nhat Hanh and Pema Chodron), Taoism, A Course in Miracles, quantum physics, and modern mystics such as Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Byron Katie, Eric Butterworth and others.
She is committed to the spiritual growth of each and every member of her congregation
Prior to her call to the ministry, she worked in corporate training

Some personal particulars about Rev. Elizabeth, in no particular order….

She is friendly, welcoming, loving, and engaging
She medit
ates daily, sometimes several times
She hails originally from Chicago, before moving to Kansas for seminary
She loves her cat, Pretty, and anything purple
She loves Broadway musicals
She loves Zumba
She is married to Arturo Mora, who is an online content producer and the church’s volunteer Communications Director
She and Arturo are lifelong Chicago Cubs fans

From Rev. Elizabeth herself, about her spiritual outlook…
I’ve been in Unity over 30 years. Unity is simply the best thing in my life. So I’ve had these teachings for a long time, and Unity has had a real impact for me.  I love Unity because it affirms people right where they are.

I want whoever comes here to feel connection, above all. Connection to God, whatever you experience that as, connection to yourself, and that you feel a connection to the people in this community.

One of our hallmarks is that we are inclusive. Here at Unity of Montclair we especially value that. We value diversity of all kinds—race or ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, lifestyle, everything. We are also very much in support of gay marriage.

Everyone is ultimately working their individual path. That’s why Unity is the way it is. We support everyone to be everything they individually are.

I have a deep love and faith in the Unity message of the Divinity of every person. I think that’s what makes Unity so special—that we start, in the words of Matthew Fox, with Original Blessing.