Our History


The History of Unity of Montclair

Like many Unity churches and spiritual centers, Unity of Montclair began as a study group in 1924. Unity Society, as we were first known, began on Claremont Avenue, Montclair, New Jersey, with Mrs. Ella Pomeroy as leader. For a while, the group met in public buildings in the area, and then returned to private homes. Mrs. Pomeroy was described as a remarkable person who, among her other accomplishments and triumphs, learned to swim at age 80. Besides pioneering the Unity Society in Montclair, she also started a center in Brooklyn, New York and had a book published in 1948.

After eleven years of dedicated leadership, Mrs. Pomeroy turned the Montclair group over to Rev. Gladys Stevenson in 1939.  Unity Society became a Unity center two years later. After incorporation in 1951, plans began to build the current church home on land that had been donated. On November 4, 1962, the first Sunday service was held in the new sanctuary at 84 Orange Road, on a plot of land donated for one dollar by Peter and Lilly M. Swenson.

The name was changed to Montclair Unity Church in 1965, and official membership in the Association of Unity Churches came in 1966.  In 2008, to align with vision of the greater Unity movement, the name was changed to Unity of Montclair.


A Big Move

The size of the congregation quickly outgrew the capacity of the new sanctuary, which was built to accommodate up to 65 people. For a time Sunday services were held at the nearby Montclair Women’s Club and were moved back to back to 84 Orange Road in 2016. In the early years, as today, Unity of Montclair was a center of study, and classes were held several days a week. Over the years, this church community grew into the beautiful space of diversity and ever-deepening spirituality it is today.

The church continued to prosper under the leadership of Senior Ministers such as Rev. Marlowe Kline (1967-1977), Rev. Phyllis Crichlow (1994-2005) and Rev. Erin McCabe (2006-2011) and Rev. Elizabeth Mora (2012-2018). (See full listings below).

Besides our Senior Ministers, Unity of Montclair has been richly blessed throughout the years with dedicated Licensed Unity Teachers and other gifted speakers.


Currently serving Licensed Unity Teacher:

Elizabeth Barca 

The following is a list of those who have so lovingly led the congregation of Unity of Montclair:

1924 – 1939      Mrs. Ella Pomeroy
1939 – 1967      Rev. Gladys Stevenson
1967 – 1977      Rev. Marlowe Kline
1977 – 1978      Thomas Lockery, Licensed Unity Teacher
1978 – 1980      Rev. Pat Staples
1980 – 1984      Rev. Marilyn Blessings
1984 – 1985      Rev. Harry Smit
1985 – 1986      Thomas Lockery, Licensed Unity Teacher
1986 – 1989      Rev. Angelo Giordani
1989 – 1993      Rev. Vivian Huber
1993 – 1994      Eileen Brosko, Licensed Unity Teacher
1994 – 2005      Rev. Phyllis Crichlow
2006 – 2011      Rev. Erin McCabe
2012 - 2018      Rev. Elizabeth Mora