Spiritual Education


What is Spiritual Education?

Go deeper. Spiritual Education is your opportunity to connect to Spirit more than you ever can by just listening to the Sunday talks.
Our classes are interactive. Our approach is not to lecture you, but instead get you involved in the flow of the class, so the subject truly interests you.

Make friends and deepen connections. Because our classes are so interactive, they become a chance to meet new people and reconnect with old friends.

Small groups are more intimate. Some of our classes are broken up into a handful of people, led by a facilitator, instead of the usual 20 or more. This allows deeper discussion of the subject and an even greater chance to connect with others.
Jesus, Eckhart and Katie. Not a barroom joke, just indicative of the broad diversity of our Spiritual Education. Throughout the year, our classes and workshops can vary from Bible (from a non-traditional viewpoint), to modern mystics such as Byron Katie and Eckhard Tolle, to Unity teachings such as Metaphysics or the 12 Powers, and even quantam physics and how it relates to spirituality.
Om. We also bring in meditation teachers from a variety of traditions, for workshops to recharge your spiritual practice. Recent meditation workshops included Robert Brumet (Unity writer) and Bhante Wimala (Buddhist monk).
Listen to our Licensed Unity Teachers, Elizabeth Barca, discuss the value of our classes:


Current Upcoming Classes

Go to our Web Calendar to see or sign up for all Classes or Events.

Regular Weekly Classes

These classes are open to all and take place virtually via the ZOOM platform until we return to 84 Orange Road.

A Course in Miracles (currently on hiatus, continue to check our website for updates)

Searching for more peace and harmony? Find tools for living a more centered, fulfilled life through study of this modern spiritual classic A Course in Miracles with Connie Sloan

Connie Sloan

Current Membership Classes

One of the requirements to become a church member is to complete one qualifying class.

To find current qualifying classes go to our Calendar.
Qualifying classes will be noted as "This class is available for SEE credits and qualifies as a membership class."

If there are not classes listed with that note, check again for a later date.
There are ususally 5 or 6 such classes throughout the year.


Our Licensed UnityTeacher

  Elizabeth Barca  

Elizabeth shares her expertise from many years of prayerful learning and teaching.
At Unity of Montclair, she facilitates SEE classes.


Spiritual Education and Enrichment program (SEE)

This is a Unity-wide program to provide some of the best spiritual and metaphysical education available. Some of our classes, though not all, fall within this program. What that means is that taking the class makes you eligible for SEE education credits, as well as for church Membership. This will be indicated in the class description.

Classes are also available online through Unity Institute: www.unityinstitute.org/online or at occasional regional conferences (we will announce those).

Personal spiritual enrichment is the goal. However, you do not have to enroll for credit, you can just take these classes for personal spiritual growth. 

Want to be a teacher or minister? If you are even thinking about someday becoming either a Licensed Unity Teacher or a Unity Minister, this is a good place to start on that path, and earn some credits towards that. You can also earn a SEE certificate after 25 courses.

Information Sessions. We hold occassional informational sessions explaining the SEE program. Look for those being announced, or go to www.unityinstitute.org/see for more information.